Mountain Air Creations

Beth Franz, Artist

Let us help you honor the people and values important to you by working with you to create a unique piece of art for work or home.

The Steps Involved


Step 1:  An initial meeting to discuss your needs


The purpose of this meeting is for me to get a sense of the individual or the idea that you want to honor.  

If you want to honor a person, it helps me to have as many photos as possible to work from and also to have a written (or oral) statement from you to help me understand why you want to honor this person.  

The more you can tell me about the person you want to honor, the better for the process that is to come. 

The stories you share with me about the person you want to honor are what fuel the creative energy behind the piece.  The more stories you are willing to share with me, the more creative energy I have to work with!

Step 2:  Some time for me to get to work on the ideas you’ve presented me with


Depending on your timeline and my schedule, this step might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  Typically, I like to get to work on a piece fairly soon after that initial meeting so that you can see whether or not I am working in the direction you have in mind.

I will work up to a maximum of 15 to 20 hours on a piece "on spec."  After that, however, if you want me to continue working on the piece, you will need to make an initial payment equal to one-third the cost of the finished piece.


Step 3:  Several “check-ins” with you to see that I am moving in the right direction


The number of these “check-ins” varies.  I can share photos with you via e-mail to allow you to “see” the piece as it is developing, or you are welcome to stop by my studio to see the piece in development.  If you feel that I am moving in the right direction, then I will proceed in the direction I’m already moving in.  If not, you need to help me get a clearer sense of what you are – and are not – looking for in this piece. 

This part of the process can last anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on a number of factors:  among them, your timeline, my schedule, and the complexity of the piece.


Step 4:  Your final approval of the clay original and my trip to the Studio Foundry in Cleveland, Ohio


Once we arrive at a final piece in clay that meets with your approval, I will take the piece up to the foundry that I work with in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Studio Foundry, established in 1973, is a full-service foundry dedicated to the production of fine art sculpture.  There, workers will create a rubber-like mold of the original clay piece and use that mold to create a wax positive of the original clay image, a process that picks up even the finest details in the original piece.  Then foundry workers will use the time-honored lost-wax casting method to arrive at a finished piece cast in bronze.

Before I take the piece to the foundry for this kind of work, you will need to make a second payment equal to one-third the cost of the finished piece.


Step 5:  My final trip up to the foundry to pick up the piece and delivery of the finished piece to you


Once the piece has been cast in bronze and prepared for the final patina, I will make a final trip to the Studio Foundry in Cleveland, Ohio, to be on hand while the finishing patina is applied.  Unless the size and/or weight of the piece prohibits my transporting the piece personally, I will then drive the piece back to Mansfield, Ohio, where you can either pick up the piece in person or have me ship it to you.

At this point, final payment for the remaining balance of the piece is due ... either at the time of pick-up or prior to my shipping the piece to you.

If the piece is to be installed outdoors, either you or I will contract with a third party to make sure that the piece is installed safely.